sábado, 24 de noviembre de 2012

Fireal Contract Disclaimer:

We love our pride, our reflects, our games, our dark games
we don´t love each other, we love just the concept, it born due your fears, my fear, our failures
we aren´t connected
we love to play, until feel emptiness, until both fall asleep just when the sun rises above us
we can hide.

Because i don´t have the eyes and the guts to keep our looks doing their tasks.
We are.
We are full.
Are we?
Voids that drag us down
No one hears our cries, we deserve it...
we deserve 
we earn our remind´s death.

We run,
we hear
the shades
an incoherent range of grey shades
it is those pictures that cause our blindness
can´t escape... can´t run from us.
They talk...
They talk...
They talk...
I´m blank.
We can´t change our own wild body shapes, is because are we the same animal?
From the same place?
Are we?

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